Oct 31, 2003

Host Summary and Average CPU Statistics

I added a new [b]”Host Summary”[/b] widget to the Member’s Overview page. It conveniently displays which host you’re on, along with your average CPU usage on that host. This is calculated by recording the number of “CPU seconds” your Linode thread(s) consume, and comparing that against the total number of seconds from the beginning of […]

Oct 30, 2003

Updated Gentoo Linux 1.4 Filesystem

➡ Updated to latest emerge sync (ssh, glibc, etc) ➡ Reduced minimum size from 780M to 730M ➡ General cleanups -Chris

Oct 29, 2003

Updated RedHat 9.0 Small filesystem

➡ Removed unncessary packages from the default install ➡ Reduced minimum size from 670M to 550M ➡ Updated to latest packages (ssh, glibc, etc) ➡ General cleanups -Chris

Oct 29, 2003

Updated Debian filesystem

➡ Now uses shadow and md5 passwords ➡ Removed unncessary packages from the default install ➡ Will generate ssh keys on initial boot ➡ Reduced minimum size from 100M to 80M ➡ General cleanups -Chris

Oct 22, 2003

Reverse DNS Manager

Available now off the Member’s Overview page is the Reverse DNS Configuration Manager (look near the “Network Information” button — there is a link to it). It is fairly bare-bones at the moment, but get’s the job done. [b]Requirements[/b] Your reverse DNS hostname must first forward resolve to one of your IPs. I couldn’t find […]

Oct 8, 2003

Linode selects Hurricane Electric for expansion

I am very pleased to announce that Linode.com has expanded with new space in Hurricane Electric’s Fremont, CA data center facility. Hurricane Electric is a Tier 1 provider, operating their own world-class national (and UK) backbone with hundreds of peering partnerships. All new host machines (host9 and up) will be located at Hurricane Electric. [img]http://www.he.net/images/helogo.gif[/img] […]