The following Customer Agreement will apply to the use of any Linode service beginning on May 25, 2018, though you are invited to review and accept its terms at any time before such date.

In order to ensure the provision of high quality data services, Linode, LLC ("Linode," "we," "us," or "our") require all users of Linode Services to accept the contractually binding responsibilities and obligations contained in this Customer Agreement (the "Agreement"). Definitions of certain capitalized terms in this Agreement shall be defined in Section 14. By clicking on the "I Accept" button at the end of this Agreement, you or the entity you represent ("you" or "your") acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You are lawfully able to enter into contracts in both the United States of America and the country you are presently residing in;
  2. You consent to the application of the laws of the State of New Jersey, United States of America;
  3. You consent to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of the State of New Jersey, United States of America, in all matters and/or disputes arising from the construction, interpretation or application of this Agreement unless otherwise expressly provided by this Agreement;
  4. You will be and are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your physical and billing addresses, as listed in your Account at all times;
  5. You will immediately notify us, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, in the event your physical address and/or billing address is or becomes located within the European Union or European Economic Area;
  6. You authorize us to appoint our Affiliates and/or Subprocessors to assist in the provision of the Linode Services; and
  7. You shall abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all other applicable Service Level Agreements arising from your use of a Linode Service or multiple Linode Services.

This Agreement, including the Service Level Agreements, will be effective and replace any previously applicable agreements as of the Effective Date. In the event you are entering into this Agreement for or on behalf of an entity, such as a company you work for, you represent to us that you have lawful and actual authority to bind that entity. Please click here if you have any questions or concerns regarding this Agreement.

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