This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here:


Estimates the invoice for adding a new Linode or NodeBalancer as well as resizing a Linode. This returns two fields: PRICE which is the estimated cost of the invoice, and INVOICE_TO which is the date invoice would be though with timezone set to America/New_York


  • mode - string (required) This is one of the following options: 'linode_new', 'linode_resize', or 'nodebalancer_new'.
  • PaymentTerm - numeric (optional) Subscription term in months. One of: 1, 12, or 24. This is required for modes 'linode_new' and 'nodebalancer_new'.
  • PlanID - numeric (optional) The desired PlanID available from avail.LinodePlans(). This is required for modes 'linode_new' and 'linode_resize'.
  • LinodeID - numeric (optional) This is the LinodeID you want to resize and is required for mode 'linode_resize'.

Example Response

   DATA: {
      INVOICE_TO: "2013-09-30 23:59:59",
      PRICE: 22.31
   ACTION: "account.estimateinvoice"