This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here:


Create a domain record.


  • DomainID - numeric (required)
  • Type - string (required) One of: NS, MX, A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV or CAA
  • Name - string (optional) The hostname or FQDN. When Type=MX the subdomain to delegate to the Target MX server.
  • Target - string (optional) When Type=MX the hostname. When Type=CNAME the target of the alias. When Type=TXT or CAA the value of the record. When Type=A or AAAA the token of '[remote_addr]' will be substituted with the IP address of the request.
  • Priority - numeric (optional) Priority for MX and SRV records, 0-65535
  • Weight - numeric (optional)
  • Port - numeric (optional)
  • Protocol - string (optional) The protocol to append to an SRV record. Ignored on other record types.
  • Tag - string (optional) The tag attribute for a CAA record. One of issue, issuewild, iodef. Ignored on other record types.
  • TTL_sec - numeric (optional) TTL. Leave as 0 to accept our default.

Example Response