This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here:


Creates a new disk from a previously imagized disk.


  • ImageID - numeric (required) The ID of the frozen image to deploy from
  • LinodeID - numeric (required) Specifies the Linode to deploy on to
  • Label - string (optional) The label of this new disk image
  • size - numeric (optional) The size of the disk image to creates. Defaults to the minimum size required for the requested image
  • rootPass - string (optional) Optionally sets the root password at deployment time. If a password is not provided the existing root password of the frozen image will not be modified
  • rootSSHKey - string (optional) Optionally sets this string into /root/.ssh/authorized_keys upon image deployment

Example Response

   ACTION: "linode.disk.createfromimage",
   DATA: {
      JOBID: 999,
      DISKID: 4567