This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here:


Exchanges Public IP addresses between two Linodes within a Datacenter. The destination of the IP Address can be designated by either the toLinodeID or withIPAddressID parameter. Returns the resulting relationship of the Linode and IP Address parameters. When performing a one directional swap, the source is represented by the first of the two resultant array members.


  • IPAddressID - numeric (required) The IPAddressID of an IP Address to transfer or swap
  • withIPAddressID - numeric (optional) The IP Address ID to swap
  • toLinodeID - numeric (optional) The LinodeID of the Linode where IPAddressID will be transfered

Example Response

   "ERRORARRAY": [ ],
   "DATA": [
         "LINODEID": 8099,
         "IPADDRESS": "",
         "IPADDRESSID": 5384
         "IPADDRESS": "",
         "LINODEID": 8098,
         "IPADDRESSID": 5575
   "ACTION": "linode.ip.swap"