This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here:


Updates a Config's properties


  • ConfigID - numeric (required)
  • Port - numeric (optional) Port to bind to on the public interfaces. 1-65534
  • Protocol - string (optional) Either 'tcp', 'http', or 'https'
  • Algorithm - string (optional) Balancing algorithm. One of 'roundrobin', 'leastconn', 'source'
  • Stickiness - string (optional) Session persistence. One of 'none', 'table', 'http_cookie'
  • check - string (optional) Perform active health checks on the backend nodes. One of 'connection', 'http', 'http_body'
  • check_interval - numeric (optional) Seconds between health check probes. 2-3600
  • check_timeout - string (optional) Seconds to wait before considering the probe a failure. 1-30. Must be less than check_interval.
  • check_attempts - string (optional) Number of failed probes before taking a node out of rotation. 1-30
  • check_path - string (optional) When check=http, the path to request
  • check_body - string (optional) When check=http, a regex to match within the first 16,384 bytes of the response body
  • check_passive - boolean (optional) Enable passive checks based on observing communication with back-end nodes.
  • ssl_cert - string (optional) SSL certificate served by the NodeBalancer when the protocol is 'https'
  • ssl_key - string (optional) Unpassphrased private key for the SSL certificate when protocol is 'https'
  • cipher_suite - string (optional) SSL cipher suite to enforce. One of 'recommended', 'legacy'

Example Response

   DATA: {
      ConfigID: 38
   ACTION: "nodebalancer.config.update"