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Hyperscalers and Alternative Cloud Providers: The Advantages of a Hybrid Model

Hyperscalers and Alternative Cloud Providers: The Advantages of a Hybrid Public Cloud Model

Whether it’s to support remote operations or make a business more agile, many companies with a hybrid public cloud model have recognized the growing need to migrate to the cloud. But the challenge now is choosing the right provider. Hyperscalers, for example, are appealing to larger enterprises for their massive scalability, security, and overwhelming array of services. But there are a lot of companies that don’t operate at a hyperscale level.

As 451 Research’s Owen Rogers puts it, most companies only need essential cloud services—known as core primitives—delivered at a price to performance ratio that reflects the business’ workload and usage volume. That’s where alternative cloud providers come in. Alternative cloud providers offer the same or better compute, storage, and networking performance as the top hyperscalers at a much lower price.

In this video, Rogers discusses credible alternatives to hyperscale clouds and shares his insight on how to choose the right provider—or the right combination. “A hybrid cloud model has the potential to offer the optimum balance of performance and cost,” he says.

This post is part of our “The Alternative Cloud: Analyst Corner” video series, produced in partnership with 451 Research, featuring practical advice from industry-leading cloud experts on today’s best cloud strategies.


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