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BlogStorageBlock Storage Now Available in Newark and Dallas

Block Storage Now Available in Newark and Dallas


We are happy to announce Block Storage is now available in us-east/Newark and us-central/Dallas! We will have availability in eu-central/Frankfurt within a few weeks. eu-west/London, ap-south/Singapore, and ap-northeast/Tokyo2 remain on schedule for Q2 2018.

As noted in our prior post, Block Storage Volumes appear to Linodes as block devices and can be formatted and mounted just like any block device. There are plenty of use cases for this, and we’re excited to see how you leverage the service.

To get started with Block Storage today, feel free to take a look at the Block Storage product page as well as the getting started guide. Stay tuned for updates on the remaining deployments.

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    I’ve been eagerly anticipating this! Glad to see it’s finally up and running, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the service! Thanks a lot, Linode, you’re superb as always!

  2. Author Photo

    Still waiting for AP-South Singapore…

  3. Author Photo

    What’s your plans regarding the speed difference with DigitalOceans similar offering, that’s almost 10x as fast as Linode Block Storage?

  4. Christopher Aker

    > What’s your plans regarding the speed difference with DigitalOceans similar offering,

    We plan on deploying this to the remaining DCs, and then future generations of our block storage will be iterated on and improved, as expected. Thanks.

  5. Author Photo

    True story – I was just logging in to see if you added block storage yet… perfect timing! Will be using it asap

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    Still waiting for Singapore. I’ve been think of moving to DigitalOcean but I guess I will just wait.

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    Apart from being able to hotplug these, what are the differences between these and regular disk images?

  8. Author Photo

    Sophira – thanks for the question. These appear just like normal disk images, but offer a very right sized approach – provision and pay for the exact capacity that you need per GiB. You can dynamically resize up as well over time. There’s 3x replication for your data on our Block Storage offering too. Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.

  9. Author Photo

    Ronnel – we’re making great progress on Singapore and should will have this available before the end of Q2 2018. We will have more to share on the progress there within 4-5 weeks.

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