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BlogStorageGigaOm Ranks Linode as “Challenger” and “Fast Mover” to Amazon Simple Storage Service

GigaOm Ranks Linode as “Challenger” and “Fast Mover” to Amazon Simple Storage Service

GigaOm Ranks Linode as “Challenger” and “Fast Mover” to Amazon Simple Storage Service

GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti ranked Linode’s S3-compatible Object Storage as a “challenger” and “fast mover” in his recent research report on alternatives to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Adam Mohammed, software engineer, and Maddie Presland, product marketing, spoke to Enrico about our object storage strategy and how our customers use it to store and serve their data.

Chris Mellor at Blocks & Files summarizes the alternatives to Amazon Simple Storage Service report here. 

Storage is one of the primary components of modern cloud infrastructure, and S3-compatible object storage is discovering a renaissance of relevance with the need to access and organize increasingly larger amounts of unstructured data. We’re part of a growing movement to make core technologies like S3-compatible object storage more accessible to individual developers and small- and medium-sized businesses by providing an alternative to the often complex and costly offerings of the major hyperscale cloud providers.

“We use Linode Object Storage to deliver global elevation data to our customers at cents on the dollar compared to alternatives. When looking for a way to serve almost 2TB of raster elevation tiles reliably, efficiently, and globally, we have found it to be the perfect balance of cost and efficiency. Your optimized biking routes can thank Linode for making this possible.” – Luke Seelenbinder, founder, Stadia Maps.

Check out our Craft of Code interview with Luke.

As Mellor points out in his post, hyperscale storage options often mask high egress costs, which can balloon cloud infrastructure bills. Linode’s S3-compatible storage includes generous amounts of free transfer, resulting in savings of 900% or more over hyperscale providers like AWS and Google.

If you want to learn more about how Linode object storage can help your application or organization as an alternative to Amazon Simple Storage Service, download our ebook on S3-compatible object storage use cases.


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