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Linode Managed Databases in Open Beta


Our new managed database service is now in open beta for new and existing customers! We currently support MySQL during this beta—with a near-term roadmap to add PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB—and plan to include additional features.

This release has been a popular request from customers looking to abstract away the layers of complexity that come with the day-to-day management of mission critical components of their application (databases, Kubernetes, etc.). Managed Databases allow you to quickly deploy highly-available databases and defer maintenance tasks to us with minimal downtime. Get started testing in beta by creating a MySQL database or browsing the documentation.

Managed Databases Beta Details

  • Available in all 11 Linode data centers
  • Add up to 3 nodes to your database cluster
  • Free during the beta period
  • Resources created will remain in your account until you delete them
  • You will be notified via a Support Ticket before payment begins

Because this is a beta environment, you might experience performance that does not align with our standard SLA. We do not recommend using Managed Databases for production or mission-critical workloads during the beta. Please read our Early Adopter SLA. If you experience any issues, please contact our Support Team.

Deploying a Managed Database Cluster

By default, all public and private connections to your database cluster are denied. Add allowed IPv4 addresses or IP ranges during the cluster creation process or selecting Manage Access Controls on your database summary page your database is provisioned.

Managed Databases Guides and Resources

Follow the guide to create a new database cluster, or migrate an existing MySQL or MariaDB database to a Managed Database. New to MySQL? Browse all MySQL documentation.

*Managed Databases for MySQL was released in general availability on May 2, 2022.

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    The critical question for us before we look at the beta is what the projected cost might be. We think this will be really helpful for us, but if it will be really expensive, it isn’t worth it.

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