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What’s New for Developers: June 2024


Welcome back to our monthly series where we dive into what’s been happening in the world of Akamai Developer over the past month! This time, we’re excited to announce that we’re restarting our Linode Live series and we’ll discuss the new Kubernetes Cluster API support, share news on the RUM Archive, show you a tutorial for developing a robust and scalable streaming service, and much more. 

Webinar: Setting up a Highly Available Nomad Cluster

Linode Live is back! Join our live workshop with Justin Mitchel, a long-time teacher specializing in web-based software such as Python, JavaScript, Machine Learning, and DevOps. In this live course, he will guide you through setting up a highly available Nomad cluster on Linode using Terraform and Ansible. The course will include code and a walkthrough of key concepts, tools, and best practices to ensure your Nomad cluster is resilient, scalable, and easy to manage all through Linode.

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Developer Releases

Akamai Terraform Provider 6.2.0

With the release of Akamai Terraform Provider 6.2., we’ve made more changes to improve ease of use. Our newest release features new validation for retriable logic values, suppressed rate policy diffs, and the addition of a resource for BOTMAN, read and update for akamai_botman_custom_bot_category_item_sequence, among other features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

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Akamai Terraform CLI 1.15.0

Version 1.15 of the Akamai Terraform CLI includes updates to various dependencies, added import support for the akamai_cloudlets_application_load_balancer_activation resource and added export for the certificate for akamai_edge_hostname resource.

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Akamai Edgegrid Golang 8.2.0

The latest Edgegrid Golang release includes features and enhancements for Appsec, Botman, and the Edge Hostname API, in addition to bug fixes.

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Akamai Adds Support for Kubernetes Cluster API

Support for the Kubernetes Cluster API is the latest addition to our platform. The Cluster API (CAPI) is used to create declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs with config files comparable to other infrastructure as code tools. Find out how to get started by reading our announcement blog post.

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RUM Archive Insights with Baseline Support

The RUM archive insights project now includes a Baseline component that explains how RUM data overlaps with Baseline features to help you determine what percentage of the tracked users’ browsers support each version.

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Latest Articles, Videos, and Events

Cutting Cloud Costs: Insights from AWS Elastic File System (EFS) to Linode Object Storage Migration

Austin Gil explores how a major electronics manufacturer cut costs by migrating from AWS EFS to Linode Object Storage for distributing firmware updates to millions of smart TVs globally.

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You Built Your New AI Workload … Did You Secure It?

AI is revolutionizing how organizations operate, but it also requires robust security measures to protect data and ensure reliable functionality. Mike Elissen explains how, with the right infrastructure and protocols in place, AI workloads can operate securely and efficiently, delivering maximum productivity and user experiences.

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Scalable Video Transcoding on Linode: MP4 to HLS with Kubernetes and Capella

Developing a robust and scalable streaming service is more important than ever as these platforms continue to take over our screens and transform the way we consume media. Check out Talia Nassi’s guide on using Capella with Linode Kubernetes Engine to put up a scalable on-demand service.

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Akamai TrafficPeak; Ingesting Logs, Creating Dashboards and Analyzing Data

Akamai TrafficPeak is a powerful tool for creating customized dashboards. Mike Elissen goes into how to use Akamai log data with TrafficPeak and Grafana to tailor dashboards for your team’s specific needs.

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Compliance Automation Tools Explained | Protecting Data and Customers

CodeWithHarry highlights the significance of compliance, the challenges associated with it, and how compliance automation can help provide efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solutions for data protection.

The Power of JWTs and Edge Compute for App Security and Speed

Austin Gil demonstrates the benefits of combining JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) with edge computing to enhance performance and reliability by reducing latency and moving work closer to the user.

Virtual Private Cloud from Akamai | Secure Networking Within Your Infrastructure

Check out our most recent video, where Gardiner Bryant explores VPCs and why they’re being adopted by enterprise customers around the globe.

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