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Introducing an Updated Linode Marketplace Interface

Marketplace Updates

We created Linode Marketplace to help developers accelerate their projects in the cloud by providing easy access to open source and third-party integrations. Since the initial March 2020 release, we’ve continued to grow the number of applications available in the Marketplace and continue to expand the types of apps available.

The two most recent additions to Marketplace are Microweber, a drag and drop website builder and CMS based on the PHP Laravel framework, and UniFi Network Application, a versatile control panel that integrates with Ubiquiti network products to simplify management across regions and more.

We’ve also been working hard to improve app discoverability and deployment.

Filter By Category

To make Marketplace apps more discoverable for customers, we recently added filtering and sorting options in Cloud Manager. You can now browse apps by category in Cloud Manager just like you can on the Marketplace section of our website.

Screenshot of Marketplace in cloud manager with the category dropdown open to filter by app category.

Deploy Even Faster

We’ve reduced the time to find, select, and deploy an app by streamlining the deployment process. After you’ve searched for and selected an app, the configuration options appear directly below the Marketplace pane. No more scrolling to find the next deployment step.

Screenshot of Marketplace in Cloud Manager with Kali Linux selected and the visible setup fields right underneath the Marketplace pane.

Getting Started with Linode Marketplace

These new improvements will help developers build apps and scale them to support projects, communities, and businesses alike. To get started:

  • Open Marketplace in Cloud Manager, or create a new account
  • Browse apps by category in the top navigation or scroll down to view apps
  • Select the app to deploy
  • Complete required fields, compute plan, and region
  • Select “Create Linode”

You can also review Marketplace documentation for deployment instructions and initial post-deployment steps for each app.


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