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6 New One-Click Apps on Linode Marketplace


We recently added six new one-click apps to the Linode Marketplace. This set of apps helps you chat with friends or co-workers, makes your media library more shareable, or add control panels, database tools, and more to your workloads.

Host Video Conferences with Open Source Tool Jitsi
With both work and social gatherings depending on video chat more than ever, it’s important to find the right tools to help you connect. Jitsi is a free, open source alternative to services like Zoom and Google Meet. Host your own Jitsi server in a data center close to you to maximize and monitor performance.

Stream Your Media Library on Any Device with Plex
Access your collection of movies and TV shows from anywhere with a Plex server. Easily curate libraries to access from a range of devices or the browser media player, or easily share with friends.

Broadcast Your Own Web Radio Station with AzuraCast
Set up a public-facing web radio player and set up your station programming with this all-in-one free tool. AzuraCast gives you the ability to create your programming, create DJ profiles, and gather analytics on your own radio station.

Manage Websites and Domains in One Interface with Virtualmin
Try the most popular open source control panel for Linux and BSD systems. Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin. The Virtualmin One-Click App automatically includes Webmin, but we have also made Webin available as its own One-Click App.

Speed Up Linux/UNIX Configuration Management with Webmin
Access the Webmin console in your browser to perform routine configuration management tasks, replacing the need to manually edit Unix configuration files.

Access Data from a MySQL/MariaDB Database in the Browser with phpMyAdmin
Import, export, and perform database queries right in your browser. phpMyAdmin is a popular database administration tool for MySQL/MariaDB to make your data more accessible.

Updates to our WordPress App
We’ve made improvements to one of our most popular apps to make it even easier to build and host WordPress sites on Linode. The WordPress One-Click App now includes:

  • DNS setup
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • SSH Security Settings as part of the One-Click App installation

Become a Linode Marketplace Partner: Submitting your app listing to the Linode Marketplace! For more information, visit the App Partners page.


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