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Low-Code Development Options on Marketplace


Low-code, or “no-code”, tools significantly reduce the barrier to entry for development by providing a user interface to design applications. Low and no-code tools aren’t just for new developers. They’re used by development and IT professionals to speed up development cycles and build a prototype before any custom coding begins.

Build Internal Apps with Budibase

Budibase is an open source, low-code platform that actively supports self-hosting in cloud marketplaces like Linode, in addition to Docker and Kubernetes deployments. Compatible with a robust variety of data sources, including popular databases like MongoDB and PostgreSQL as well as spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets, Budibase allows developers to quickly build applications like user portals and admin panels. Build your own from scratch or browse Budibase’s templates to launch an application even faster. Budibase is trusted by more than 40,000 businesses, including large enterprises like Apple and the NFL.

Screenshot of Budibase Home, a low-code development platform

Deploy Budibase | Browse Budibase Documentation

Build Database Web Apps with Saltcorn

Saltcorn is a low-/no-code platform that enables developers to build SQL database tables using a point-and-click interface, and create a user interface from database views to act as your application. Features include snapshot version control, custom event triggers, and optional plugins to advance your data entry and display.

Screenshot of Saltcorn Page Builder, a low-code development platform

Deploy Saltcorn | Browse Saltcorn Wiki

Get started with these and other development tools by navigating to  Marketplace in Cloud Manager. Looking for other tools you can self-host? Browse all our apps.


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