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Secure & Accelerate Development Projects with Linode Marketplace Apps


Welcome LiteSpeed Technologies to the Linode Marketplace! This partnership allows you to take advantage of LiteSpeed’s optimization stack and web server applications—and other easily deployed apps—to help with services like WordPress, NodeJS, Rails, and Django. These services are included in the free and open source OpenLiteSpeed, or users can opt for LiteSpeed’s cPanel app.

New LiteSpeed Apps

OpenLiteSpeed (OLS) supports a collection of essential framework apps and tools pre-installed with the free open source version of their server tooling. OLS apps include an intuitive UI to configure server settings, advanced caching, and HTTP/3 & HTTP/2 Support. Deploy these apps from Cloud Manager, or browse LiteSpeed apps in the Marketplace:

LiteSpeed cPanel provides a next-generation web server equipped with WHM/cPanel, performance LiteSpeed tooling, and the WHM LiteSpeed Plugin. Deploy the commercial version of the app with a free 15-day trial for both the LiteSpeed web server and cPanel.

Security App Additions

We’ve also added a number of free and open source tools to Marketplace’s Security category as users look to open source to support your infrastructure with one-click available apps from VPNs, to analytics and assessment tools.

  • Wazuh’s automated vulnerability assessment, out-of-the-box incident responses, and advanced security data analysis gives you insight into your application’s security through free and open source analytics tools.
  • BeEF assesses the security of a target environment by treating the browser like an open door to vulnerabilities to assess security strength using client-side attack vectors. 
  • BitNinja offers security-as-a-service to protect your servers with a social defense system and concurrent active defense modulests to quietly fight hackers, botnets, attackers, and malicious activity.
  • Pritunl provides a powerful and scalable VPN for business. Pritunl supports WireGuard® and OpenVPN clients, and the free tier includes unlimited users and devices. Licensed options provide advanced features designed for teams.
  • UTunnel is a VPN solution that is easy to use, focusing on usability, simplicity, and accessibility with minimal management and high performance. UTunnel supports OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols and has additional tiers available if you want to upgrade.
  • WarpSpeed is a VPN built on the WireGuard® client that is finely tuned for real-time performance for bandwidth-intensive uses like gaming or streaming, and a suite of built-in tools to monitor performance, hourly billing, and latency.

The release of our Security Digest blog post series along with our HackerSploit: Red Team Security Series confirms that security should be top priority for anyone running services in the cloud. Being able to easily deploy tools like a VPN service allows you to further lock down your infrastructure and improve your overall security hygiene. With a VPN service, you can implement another layer of security to your existing instances by utilizing Cloud Firewalls (or any other firewall service) to only allow access to your instance(s) from the IP Address of your VPN. 

With access control out of the way, you can move your focus to security maintenance,  which can be a challenge especially if you are managing multiple Linodes. Without tooling, this would involve monitoring versioning of services along with monitoring for any CVE’s(Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). Using a tool like Wazuh, you can monitor all of your instances and perform automated vulnerability assessments, which takes away a lot of the stress of leaving any instance in a vulnerable state.

We encourage you to check out more of the apps in our Marketplace’s Security category. If you’d like to deploy any of these new or existing apps, head over to our Marketplace in the Cloud Manager

If you’re interested in browsing all of our available apps, take a look at our full list of apps on our website.


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