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BlogContainers (Kubernetes, Docker)Build Kubernetes Skills with a New Course from KodeKloud

Build Kubernetes Skills with a New Course from KodeKloud


The number of Kubernetes deployments continues to grow as individual developers and businesses adopt, orchestrate, and manage containers as part of their workloads. A 2021 CNCF report  showed 31% of developers worldwide are using Kubernetes, which is a 67% increase from 2020.

At the same time, developers are looking for ways to deploy Kubernetes in the cloud as easily as possible, using managed K8s services like Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE). We’ve added new learning resources focused on Kubernetes.

Free Certification Course from KodeKloud on LKE

Our partners at KodeKloud released a free, comprehensive, Kubernetes certification on  deploying and maintaining Kubernetes clusters using LKE. The course also explores additional tooling to ensure your Kubernetes cluster is ready for production workloads.

Create your KodeKloud account and get started.

Understanding Kubernetes eBook

This ebook has been an essential resource for developers as part of Linode’s Kubenetes education. The 2022 version provides a primer on the development of containers, orchestration technologies, Kubernetes control plane components, and adding resilience to your clusters. Download your copy now.

Whether you’re just getting started with Kubernetes or want to explore advanced topics like creating cloud native continuous deployment, we provide documentation and learning resources as well as offer the easiest to use managed Kubernetes service.

Additional Resources

Looking for more bite-sized content? Browse all of our containerization and Kubernetes resources or get started with our Kubernetes technical guides.


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