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BlogContainers (Kubernetes, Docker)July Events: Learnk8s Lab Series

July Events: Learnk8s Lab Series

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In June, we released our first Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) Lab series hosted by Kubernetes experts Nigel Poulton and Bret Fisher. As we continue to create educational content, we’re excited to partner with Learnk8s, which develops the knowledge and skills to help developers get the most out of Kubernetes, with hands-on courses and classes.

On July 23 and July 30, the experts at Learnk8s will take a closer look into Kubeflow and Jenkins X with a set of free labs. To get a preview of the lab, we asked Salman Iqbal, Technical Lead at Data Science Campus and instructor at Learnk8s, what he’s most excited to cover during the first lab, and what attendees can expect when they tune in: 

What are you most excited to cover in the webinar?

As Kubeflow project is relatively new, the initial setup can be troublesome. We’ve spent tons of hours figuring out how we could make it simpler and more approachable. We also developed new content to make it easier for new joiners to onboard into Kubeflow. I will be sharing all details during the event and I can’t wait to see what people will build with it. I am also keen to know what people think about it. It’s such a young and exciting space!

What can attendees expect when they tune in?

Kubernetes, automated machine learning pipelines. Kubeflow. I believe that this session has something for everyone. We will touch on containers, Kubernetes, and Machine Learning (ML). The best (and scariest part) is that we have a live demo ready. So you will experience the power of Kubeflow. There’s also some more technical stuff on how to:

  • Configure Kubeflow to use Dex as an Identity Provider.
  • Connect Jupyter Notebooks to Kubeflow pipelines in order to scale ML models
  • Leverage components and lightweight components in Kubeflow to create machine learning workflows

Kubeflow:  A Cloud-Native ML Toolbox runs live on July 23rd at 12PM ET.  Join in for live Q+A with the Learnk8s Team.

If machine learning pipelines aren’t your thing, what about standard CI/CD pipelines?  In part two, Mauricio “Salaboy” Salantino, in-house Learnk8s expert of Jenkins X, will review how you can run Jenkins X on the Linode Kubernetes Engine.

This session shares lessons learned from migrating a monolithic open-source project to microservices using Jenkins X. You’ll learn common patterns, tweaks, and best practices that you can adopt to make the best of tools such as Jenkins X, Helm, Tekton, and Kubernetes.  The lab focuses on real-life examples and shows you how these tools can be used to speed your development practices and train high-performing teams.

Topics covered include: 

  • Jenkins X architecture
  • How to get started with Jenkins X
  • How to enable CI/CD to your existing projects
  • Conventions and best practices around CI/CD pipelines in Kubernetes
  • GitOps for managing environments such as staging and production

CI/CD for Kubernetes with Jenkins X runs live on July 30th at 12PM ET.  Join in for live Q+A with the Learnk8s team.


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