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BlogContainers (Kubernetes, Docker)Rancher 2.3 makes it easier to use Linode for Kubernetes

Rancher 2.3 makes it easier to use Linode for Kubernetes


Rancher 2.3 makes it easier to use Linode for Kubernetes

As the Linode community continues to adopt Docker and Kubernetes for their workloads, we started working with Rancher to make it easier to deploy and manage your Kuberenetes clusters with Rancher on Linode. Back in April, we launched the Linode Node Driver for Rancher and partnered with each other to ensure the open source community can benefit from both platforms.

Today, we’re proud to say that the Rancher 2.3 release shipped with a node driver for Linode, that is activated by default. This creates a simpler experience for Rancher users looking to use multiple cloud providers in one easy to use GUI.

Linode in Rancher 2.3

With the Linode Node Driver enabled by default, you can skip any preliminary set up and jump right into creating your node template to provision your master and worker nodes, on Linode. In this release, we  added support for Rancher’s cloud credentials feature. Cloud credentials allow you to access frequently used credentials, like Linode API tokens, when creating your node templates.

Our new doc, How to Deploy Kubernetes on Linode with Rancher 2.3, helps you learn how to:

  • Install Rancher on a Linode
  • Deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Linode using Rancher
  • Deploy an app from the Rancher app library to your cluster
  • Take advantage of the Linode CCM and CSI for Kubernetes via Rancher.


Looking for more information on Kubernetes? Check out the full collection of resources here.

Join the Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) beta!

If you have a workload you’re ready to deploy on Kubernetes, sign up to be a beta tester. You can also sign up for notifications to stay up to date with progress on LKE and be the first to know when we open the doors.

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    This article desperately needs to be updated. Rancher 2.5 no longer requires separate VM…

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