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The Value of Containerization For Small Businesses

The Value of Containerization For Small Businesses

Containerization isn’t just for big enterprises. Small businesses can, and should, take advantage of this powerful technology, says Jay Lyman, senior analyst at 451 Research.

Containers are a type of cloud native technology that enables developers to package applications and their dependencies into a lightweight, portable state. The advantages? Speed, productivity, and efficiency. Plus, as more small companies adopt multicloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures, containerization adds consistency across platforms. 

Kubernetes, a container orchestration system, can manage container clusters at a massive scale by taking advantage of cloud native characteristics like scaling, provisioning, and automation. There also are cost and security benefits. Using a container is cheaper than spinning up an entire virtual machine, and containerized apps are more secure because their lightweight packaging yields less attack surface. 

Organizations are already taking advantage of containerization’s scalability and flexibility, but for SMBs, complexity has been a hurdle. They don’t have to go it alone. The rise of managed Kubernetes services makes containerization more attainable for smaller companies by taking on the work of container configuration and maintenance.

In this video, Lyman explains why containerization is easier—and more critical than ever—for SMBs to consider: “Small organizations can take advantage of innovation without having to contribute large amounts of money or time.”

This post is part of our “The Alternative Cloud: Analyst Corner” video series, produced in partnership with 451 Research, featuring practical advice from industry-leading cloud experts on today’s best cloud strategies.


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