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Akamai Turns Linode Up Past 11

Akamai Turns Linode Up Past 11

First phase to double the scale of Linode global footprint

It’s hard to imagine that nearly six months have passed since Akamai completed its acquisition of Linode. At the time, some customers, analysts, and industry experts questioned what the acquisition would mean for the future of Linode. We shared that our intent was to do more – more locations, more functionality, more scale and capacity, and more of the same with regard to Linode’s renowned ease of use, developer experience, customer support, and transparent pricing.

With the integration of our two companies well underway, we are now in a position to share more details on just what “more” means with regards to our plans of deploying Akamai Linode in more locations.

Adding new data centers

Today, we are happy to share that we plan to add more than a dozen new Linode data centers— equipped with Linode’s full product suite—across North America, APAC, LATAM, and Europe by the end of 2023. Our first planned new location is targeted for Ashburn, Virginia, later this year with more to follow in the first half of 2023.

Along with Ashburn, we are targeting deployments in: Amsterdam, Chennai, Chicago, Delhi, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Osaka, Miami, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Seattle, and Stockholm to name a few. The exact number of sites, locations, and dates for deployment are all being actively worked on. We plan on providing regular updates as plans for each location solidify.

Akamai Linode cloud services

We’re prioritizing these new sites based on customer demand, market analysis, and existing and predicted compute and delivery volume. We also looked at locations that open Akamai Linode cloud services to new markets (for example, Miami and São Paulo are strategic to serving customers in the LATAM market) and assessed what was technically feasible to make sure each location can support our growth now and into the future.

Addressing locations underserved by traditional cloud providers

Additionally, 2023 will also see us introduce a new concept designed to get basic compute capabilities into difficult to reach locations currently underserved by traditional cloud providers. We call these “Distributed Sites” and have identified more than 50 cities where we’d like to place them. Stay tuned for more details. 

Find out more

If you’d like to provide feedback on our plans, please reach out.

Comments (9)

  1. Author Photo

    Linode in São Paulo/Brazil will be revolutionary! Cant’t wait to see it live.

    • Author Photo

      Sao Paulo would be legendary for Linode, I hope they can keep the same bandwidth pricing at 1 Cent per GB of overage. If they can it will be an absolute game-changer.

  2. Author Photo

    Can Akami offer Free CDN on their object storage, just like Digitalocean space?, as Akami is the leader in the CDN world

    • Author Photo

      It would be a great attraction.
      At Digital Ocean we don’t even use Space, as I remember there is no CDN for Brazil or Latin America.

      Now an Akamai CDN-inclusive File Bucket type would be a big difference and they could also create a CDN/WAF on Linode for Linode customers, reaching a different target audience than the traditional Akamai customer.

      • Author Photo

        An Akamai CDN backed by Linode object storage would be amazing and would completely remove AWS for me.

        • tlambert

          Andy Heathershaw: We appreciate the feedback. I’ve gone ahead and added your request to integrate the Akamai CDN with Linode Object Storage to our internal tracking for features. Let us know if there are any other suggestions you’d like to share!

  3. Author Photo

    Do you have a plan to include HongKong?

  4. Author Photo

    On the way Linode cluster on the Indonesia data center

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