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Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

You can now get notified via email when your Linode crosses a specific threshold, for several statistics. Alerts are checked once per hour.

Currently, the available parameters are:

  • CPU usage (two hour average)
  • Disk IO-ops/sec (two hour average)
  • Network traffic rate in (two hour average)
  • Network traffic rate out (two hour average)
  • Monthly Transfer Quota (percentage)

You can enable/disable the alerts and set your threshold values from the Alerts page, located off the Utilities sub-tab of the members’ site.

Comments (5)

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    *Very* cool, Mike. Thanks!

  2. Author Photo

    Wow! Thanks for the upgrade!

  3. Author Photo

    As Curly of the Three Stooges would have said,

    "Supoib netwoiking – nyuck, nyuck nyuck!"


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    What does it mean “monthly transfer quota percentage”

    is it this nodes’s contribution as a percentage of the transfer quota pool?
    or is it this node’s contribution as a percentage of this nodes transfer allocation?

    say I have a first linode with 1G transfer and a second one with 4G transfer allocation, and I want an alert after the first linode uses 2G do I set the the percentage at 200% or at 40%?

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      Hey Jasen, the monthly transfer quota is pooled between all of your Linodes. You can find complete information on how the quota works in our guide here.

      With regards to the notification settings, you would want to set the alert to 200% in your hypothetical scenario. The notifications are based on the Linode’s contribution to its individual quota, rather than the pool as a whole.

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