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BlogLinodeCelebrating 18 Years of Linode + Some Exciting News

Celebrating 18 Years of Linode + Some Exciting News


This month marks Linode’s eighteenth year as a company. Much has changed since the day we started. We’ve seen amazing new technologies emerge, as well as huge growth and adoption of the Internet and of our company along with it. We’ve witnessed cloud computing become the de facto way business gets done. And, from the very earliest days, Linode has played at least some role in making it possible.

Over the last year, people and businesses around the world have relied on the cloud and Linode to adapt to a world that looks nothing like the one they’ve known. Whether it was for hosting personal projects, keeping their business running, or staying connected to friends and family, the cloud made their lives a little easier. 

We accomplished much over the past year that makes me proud of the team serving you and our industry:

Those accomplishments are a direct result of your feedback — valuable input that helps us deliver new products and features and a better cloud experience. We’re also excited for what we have coming up:

  • Expanding payment options to support Google Pay
  • Releasing autoscaling control plane resources in Linode Kubernetes Engine
  • Providing support for Cloud Init and a Metadata Service
  • Introducing our Bare Metal beta offering
  • Upgrading all Block Storage clusters from spinning drives to NVMe
  • Incorporating account management tools designed for Linode partners and providers
  • Leveling up our network and fleet to ensure all products are available globally in every data center

And, as in years past, I’d like to leave each of you with something to celebrate with us by introducing our new and improved referral program. Starting July 1st, we will increase the benefits on both sides. When you share your referral link with friends or colleagues, they will be invited to sign up with $100, 60-day credit. Once they are a Linode customer and make their first payment of $25, you will be credited $25 to your account. It’s a simple thing, but goes a long way.

Thank you — our customers, partners, community — for your business and continued support. Here’s to the next year of Linode!


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    I’ve been part of the Linode family before it was Linode, way back in 2001. It’s been amazing watching the growth of the company and product over the years. Great job Chris and team. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Author Photo

    No free diskspace upgrade this time?

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    Congratulations! I’ve been on board since late 2003. I think it was around this time Linode team doubled in size, Chris bringing in Tom as the second engineer. In 2010, we migrated from UML to XEN. In 2017, the Dallas DC IP changed after 14 (!) years of service. The Linode service and support is outstanding all this time. Cheers to the team!

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    Congrats on the NVME block storage upgrades !

    Any updates on CloudInit/Meta Services ?

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