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Linode 5 Year Anniversary; 20% Disk Increase

Today marks Linode’s 5th birthday, and we wanted to extend our sincere thanks by increasing the disk space on all plans by 20%.  The extra space is available now for both existing and new customers.  We appreciate your business, so enjoy!

To take advantage of your Linode’s new space, simply log into the Linode Manager, shut down your Linode, and resize your disk existing disk by clicking on it and entering in a new size.  Alternatively, you could create another disk image and add it to your existing configuration profile, reboot, and mount it.

Again, on behalf of the Linode team, I thank you for your patronage.

Comments (43)

  1. Huzzah! Thanks, Caker!

  2. Thanks for the space guys. I think we all appreciate it 🙂

  3. Yippee! Thanks, Linode!

  4. Ohh,.. and I forgot! Congratulations to all of you as well for the 5 years. Great service and terrific staff make it all happen. Thanks again.

  5. Thats great! Congratulations on the anniversary! Keep going strong — I don’t want to be paranoid about shady here-today-sold-tomorrow hosts ever!

  6. ok that does it, I’m moving all my stuff to my linnodes.

    You guys rock!!

  7. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

  8. I can’t believe how linode is so much better than my previous hosting provider. Never in 5 years did they ever just improve the service they offered me like you’ve just done! I hope to send a lot of business your way – you really know how to generate customer loyalty.

  9. Sweet — I’ll be doing this tonight! Thanks!!

  10. This is awesome, thanks a lot Caker & Co – and congratulations! 🙂

  11. Thanks.

    Defo the best hosts I’ve ever had.

  12. Awesome! Thanks Linode.

    Happy 5th Birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the fantastic service.

  14. Happy Birthday, and thanks for an excellent VPS hosting, and extra free space, always good.

  15. It’s a birthday, there should be cake. Unfortunately one can’t SCP cake across the Atlantic. If I remember when I wake up I’ll post a recipe for the most appropriate of celebration cakes: Tempus fugit autem laganum decipit

  16. Thank you very much, and Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy birthday Linode team.
    Linode is the Best!

    Thanks for the dream team.

    Best regards,

  18. Been a Linode customer for about 2 years now, I cant seem to get over about a month or two uptime because they keep giving away upgrades! Anyway, thanks, may your next 5 be better then your first!

  19. I’ve been a customer for quite a few years, and I’ve been delighted with the level of service you provide and the focus you have on giving more to your users as your business grows.

    Here’s to your continued success!

  20. My life is 20% happier!

  21. Congrats on the 5 years and thanks for the disk space!

  22. This is awesome I will use this to expand my Visual Basic tutorial site!

  23. YAY! <3 Linode

  24. Happy Birthday! but why are you giving presents? 😉
    Thanks for the disk space my friends, defo transferring more of my sites to your servers 😀

  25. You guys rock, awesome service – thanks!

  26. Happy birthday, Linode! Thanks for the upgrade and the great service, guys!

  27. Linode seriously rocks! Happy birthday and keep up the good stuff!

  28. Belated Happy Birthday and thanks for the diskspace..

  29. Thx guys!
    Space is much appreciated =)

  30. Hey thanks for the extra disk space!
    Long live Linode! 😀

  31. Happy Birthday from a happy customer. You guys exemplify great customer service.

  32. i am 5 years with Linode!!!

  33. Linode absolutely rocks! Congratulations!

    Tried a few VPNs and always had problems, but with linode not a single issue in a year coupled with the best interface of any by far.

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