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BlogLinodeLinode hosts Rails Rumble 2008

Linode hosts Rails Rumble 2008

Rails Rumble header

Linode is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting the Rails Rumble programming competition again this year!

Rails Rumble

The Rails Rumble is a 48 hour web application development contest. As a contestant, you get one weekend to design, develop, and deploy the best web property that you can, using the awesome power of Ruby on Rails.

As a judge, you get to review some great new micro applications and determine which teams fare best in a number of categories.

Registration is now open with 200 seats available (first come, first served).  Sign up at

Registration ends on the 10th of October in order to make final preparations for the weekend long build event on the 18th and 19th.

If you’re still on the fence, or are looking for team members or project ideas, please visit #railsrumble on the Freenode IRC network.  Also, keep an eye out for more exciting announcements at including details about prizes and helpful tips for making the most out of the competition.

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    This event was unique! Participation in this competition has given me the knowledge and skills in programming

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    If you want to capitalize on the purchase of Slicehost by Rackspace, you should run a promotion giving a discount to any transfers from Slicehost to Linode.

    Most of us Slicehost users know that things will change and not for the better.

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    A large majority of the entries fail simply because they don’t explain what the hell they are for. Srsly..I land on flibbityboop (or whatever silly name they pick) and I see a bunch of WEB 2.0ish form fields, a goofy logo…yet not a single line of text explaining what the point is. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

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