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Deploy Workloads in Miami and Los Angeles

Deploy Workloads in Miami and Los Angeles with New Core Compute Regions!

Our global capacity expansion continues with two new core compute regions in Los Angeles and Miami now generally available for all customers. Since announcing our plans in July, our compute capacity has grown by more than 4X with additional regions still to come before the end of the year.

Akamai and Miami: Unblocking Opportunities in LATAM and Beyond

Miami has seen an explosion of tech talent and venture capital investment, making it a great location for a new Akamai core compute region. 

In addition to recently announcing our first site in South America, opening our site in Miami enables us to better serve customers doing business in Latin America, bringing Akamai’s distributed connectivity to a rapidly growing business hub.

West Coast Expansion: Meeting Growing Demand

Since we first added our site in Fremont, CA more than a decade ago, we’ve received hundreds of requests from customers to add other sites on the West Coast to continue to serve the largest technology hubs in the United States. Los Angeles joins Seattle as our second new core compute region on the West Coast made available in 2023.

Getting Started

Both Miami and Los Angeles feature AMD EPYC™ CPUs, a variety of instance types, and expanded storage capacity to meet the needs of these media focused workloads surging in both locations. Customers can deploy new compute, storage, and networking resources in Los Angeles, CA (us-lax) and Miami, FL (us-mia) using the Cloud Manager and API documentation.

If you’re a new customer interested in trying our cloud computing services, create an account or contact a cloud solutions expert for large workloads.


Learn about optimizing your application performance by location, review our the documentation here:


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