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BlogLinodeWhat’s New for Developers: May 2024

What’s New for Developers: May 2024

What's New for Developers: May 2024, with text.

Welcome to the May developer update! In this edition, we’ll cover the latest Terraform Provider and CLI updates and get into topics including how to scale WordPress with Kubernetes, AI at the edge, multicloud, Elastic search, and much more. 

How to Configure MySQL Database Services: K8s to Scale WordPress

In this latest video from Justin Mitchel (@CodingEntrepreneurs), he dives into deploying WordPress on a Kubernetes cluster and walks through setting up a MySQL StatefulSet and database configurations, crucial for a robust WordPress installation.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • StatefulSet Conversion: Transform a regular deployment into a StatefulSet, ensuring that your database runs smoothly and reliably.
  • Database Setup: Watch as the MySQL database is set up and configured, a key component for managing data effectively in Kubernetes.
  • Data Management: Learn how to clear out, apply, and delete data volumes to keep your setup optimized and functional.
  • Networking Insights: The video also covers the setup of ClusterIP and LoadBalancer services to ensure your WordPress site is accessible and runs efficiently on the cluster.

This tutorial is perfect if you’re looking to get hands-on with Kubernetes and WordPress. For more detailed troubleshooting of Kubernetes, check out our documentation here.

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Developer Releases

Akamai Terraform Provider 6.1.0

Our newest release features significant enhancements to DNS management and Image and Video Manager capabilities. We’ve introduced a flexible mode in the akamai_dns_record resource, allowing for precise control over SRV targets with individual settings for priority, weight, and port — streamlining configurations without overlapping settings. Plus, enhanced image processing with SmartCrop transformations is now available in the akamai_imaging_policy_image data source.

➡️ Read the release notes

Akamai Terraform CLI 1.14.0

Version 1.14 of the Akamai Terraform CLI includes updates to various dependencies and Image and Video Manager has been upgraded to support SmartCrop transformations, providing more precise image cropping capabilities. This feature is now available when exporting images using the policy-as-hcl flag, allowing for streamlined and efficient image management. 

➡️ Read the release notes

Latest Articles & Videos

Strengthening SaaS Security with Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)

Talia Nassi’s recent blog post explains how SaaS businesses can strengthen their security posture by leveraging VPCs. Learn how to protect client data and comply with privacy regulations in her blog below.

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4 Myths About Building Multicloud Applications

Building multicloud applications is a key strategy for optimizing performance, increasing resilience, and reducing risks. However, there’s a lot of confusion around it. Talia Nassi debunks four common myths in her recent blog post.

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From Zero to 100% Akamai with Terraform

Check out Mike Elissen’s recent blog post to find out how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates can protect your web applications and APIs and how you can use Terraform to manage solutions seamlessly.

➡️ Learn more

AI at the Edge

Luca Moglia’s recent LinkedIn post walks through what deploying AI at the Edge of the internet would mean.

➡️ Read more

How to Display Banners FAST with Revive Adserver

The performance of a website matters. Tim Vereecke illustrates how enhancing Core Web Vitals (CWV) and Time To Ads (TTA) results in shorter load times for banners, higher income for publishers, and more effective campaigns for advertisers. He examines the performance best practices for the ad server, publisher, and advertiser – the three partners in the Revive Adserver ecosystem – in his most current technical article on the Revive open ad server website.

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How to Securely Allow File Uploads | Best Practices & Strategies Leveraging CDN & Object Storage

Austin Gil covers the process of securely allowing people to submit files to your server end to end. He explains how to process user-uploaded files using HTML, JavaScript, and Node.js, as well as how to store them in S3-compatible Object Storage.

Apache Log Visualization Made Easy | Elasticsearch and the ELK Stack

In this recent video, Josh from KeepItTechie demonstrates how to install and configure Elasticsearch, a component of the ELK Stack, to visualize Apache logs on Ubuntu. 

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