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New Linode Manager released

We’ve released a new version of the Linode Manager with many goodies.  Besides a reorganization of the code (which makes us devs happy), the locations of many pre-existing features have been reorganized as well. But, the real news is this has enabled us to implement some cool features…

Single Sign On

  • Multiple Linodes can now be managed much more intuitively under one account.
  • Linking multiple accounts together is no longer necessary.
  • Linodes can be tagged with a label that you can change at any time, which makes identifying multiple Linodes much easier
  • Adding a Linode to your account is a piece of cake.  It’s as easy as: “Add a Linode” link off the Linodes sub-tab, select the plan, confirm. Done.
  • A much requested feature, you can now change your username at any time.  Amen.

Multiuser Support

  • You can now create additional users that are able to log into your account.
  • Our system now allows you to restrict a user’s access to specific Linodes, DNS zones, or even create a “billing only” user.
  • Timezone preference setting is now per User vs per Customer

Instance-Day Billing

  • Similar to Amazon’s EC2, this feature allows you to add Linodes or extras and receive a pro-rated credit to your account when you remove them. This is perfect for short term projects or tasks (or if you want to show your friends how cool Linode is without giving them access to your production server). Account Persistence

  • If you remove all of your Linodes from your account (but don’t cancel your account), your login will remain valid.
  • You can return at any time and use any of your credit remaining.
  • Your DNS zones will remain, but they won’t be served unless you have a billable Linode.

Web-based AJAX Console

  • Although we implemented this many months ago, there was no official announcement.  Welp, there’s browser based console access to your Linode.
  • The browser console automatically authenticates you.  Entering in your username and password is no longer required
  • There is a console server in each data center.  Launching the console directs you to the console server in the same data center as the Linode.


  • Disk IO Graphs to compliment the CPU and network graphs
  • A new graph history interface

Support Tickets

  • Tickets can be opened regarding a specific object (a Linode or a DNS zone).
  • All users with access to that object will be able to see the ticket, receive ticket updates via email, and can participate in the ticket.

My thanks go out to those that helped test the new version — you guys were a big help!

Comments (13)

  1. Author Photo
    Kim André Akerø

    Very nice work, indeed.

    Btw, if it’s possible, could you also put the host’s hostname (which host the Linode is on) in the Linode Manager front page (which lists all Linodes linked to the account) as well? For example, right before or right after the Location column?

  2. Christopher Aker
  3. Author Photo

    This looks great, and the new features are awesome :-). Great work folks!

  4. Author Photo

    Great work guys, nice and neat, very clean with the same awesome functionality.

  5. Author Photo

    Brilliant! The instance-day billing is just what I’ve been looking for. Been thinking about rebuilding my server from scratch, clearing out the cruft, but couldn’t really do it without downtime. This provides just such a mechanism!

  6. Author Photo

    You guys rock. Enough said.

  7. Author Photo

    You guys really are amazing! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  8. Author Photo

    It’s like you woke up and realized someone has replaced your Ford Fiesta with a Ferrari.

  9. Author Photo

    LOL. My “low-end” Linode is way more capable than a Ford Fiesta 🙂

  10. Author Photo

    I like SSO for management of multiple Linodes. How about SSO for the wiki and forums?

  11. Linode Blog » Introducing the Linode API

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  12. Author Photo

    You should feature the instance-day billing on the front page it is a very appealing feature.

    I thought I’d read about it somewhere on your site, but I was having a hard time finding it until I decided to work my way back through your blog. Even then, I almost missed it.

  13. Author Photo

    The Linode manager is an accessible web-based software interface to Windows screen readers, I must say.
    The only application wich doesn’t work too well is the Ajax console, but oh well.
    Otherwise, it’s an amazing manager!
    I would happily refer over 10 billion new customers to Linode!
    Regards, –Keith
    Caker and community: I just wanted to say a personal thank you to the folks who respond in your technical support department. Instant responses, quick service, and best of all, you credit people if any kind of downtimes occur!
    Also, you happily keep customers around if they don’t have linodes attached!
    I thank you all for your wonderful Linux OpenSource technology, and keep up the good work!
    Linode is a wonderful system!
    One final P.s.

    Caker, how do you folks feel about the Xen virtualization system over UML?

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