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Chennai Core Compute Region Now Available


Chennai joins Mumbai to support your cloud workloads in India. We’re continuing to expand our global footprint, and provide additional support to the rapidly growing technology hub in India.  By increasing availability for Akamai cloud computing services in Asia-Pacific, businesses, partners, and users can deploy and scale workloads closer to home.

The Chennai site will include recent improvements, like Premium compute instances and support for our cloud-init metadata service to accelerate compute instance configuration. With a second site in-region, business and users in India can deploy, scale, and maintain high-availability workloads with local failover. Traffic between Akamai workloads across multiple data centers is free, with the lowest price per GB for egress for outbound traffic compared to hyperscalers.

Our global expansion in Asia-Pacific, combined with other investments in capacity, brings accessible cloud computing services to regions that typically lack price transparency, a broad range of compute plans, and access to 24/7/365 technical support for your cloud infrastructure.

Getting Started

Customers can deploy new compute, storage, and networking resources in Chennai (in-maa) using the Cloud Manager and API documentation. If you are new to Akamai cloud computing services, you can create an account.


The Chennai site is optimized for the India market. For workloads that currently or intend to serve the wider Asia-Pacific region or will communicate sites outside of India, we recommend deploying resources in the Singapore or Sydney sites. To learn more about optimizing your application performance by location, review our the documentation here:

For guidance on larger deployments, or applications serving multiple global regions, contact our cloud solutions engineers.

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    Do you guys have managed wordpress similar to Cloudways? I have heard a lot about Linode by now and want to try it out for bunch of my projects

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