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Referral System; Annual Discounts

Referral System

We’ve considered adding a referral system for quite some time.  Linode does very little advertising, and most of our new business comes from word of mouth — meaning, it comes from you, our customers, referring your friends and colleagues.  We appreciate that, and believe that such loyalty deserves a reward.  So, we now have a referral system which works as so:

  1. You refer someone and they use your referral code during sign up.
  2. They keep a Linode for 90 days.
  3. You then receive a $20.00 credit applied to your account.

Your personal referral code and referral statistics can be found on your My Profile page.

Annual Discounts

We’re now offering discounts for pre-payment.  Annual Linodes get a 10% discount while 24-month Linodes receive a 15% discount.  Please note that this is not a contract — you can remove your Linode at any time to receive a pro-rated credit applied to your account. Feel free to open a support ticket if you have questions or would like to take advantage of these offers.

Comments (10)

  1. Author Photo

    Silly question, you used to give more storage for pre-payment. Is that still happening with the price discount? Just wondering as I was about the pull the trigger on a year of service.

  2. Author Photo

    Yeah, I know a number of people who would prefer the 50% extra storage over the 10% discount. On a linode 360 that extra 6Gb of disk would mean it’s cheaper to get a linode 540 instead.

  3. Christopher Aker

    The bonus disk space for prepayment promotion is no longer available, sorry.

  4. Author Photo

    Does linode have some banners available so that I can use them to display at my website for the referral link?

  5. Author Photo

    Does that mean my bonus disk space is going away on my next renewal? Or do I get to keep it as long as I keep paying yearly, presumably instead of the discount?

  6. Tom Asaro

    If you are already enrolled in the free disk space promotion, you have been grandfathered into that plan as long as you keep paying annually. You can opt to switch from the free disk space to the discount by opening a support ticket.

  7. Author Photo

    I prefer the idea of a discount even though I have been given disk space in the past. In fact you can have the disk space back and I’ll accept the discount instead of.

  8. Author Photo

    So if we pay for a year at once, then discontinue after one month we receive 11/12ths of the price back?

  9. Author Photo

    Can you apply the referral code after the fact? I know someone who I’d like to thank but they’re not available right now to give me their number, and I don’t want to wait before signing up.

  10. Author Photo

    Actually, you can have the referral code applied after the fact. Just send in a ticket with the referral code.

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