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BlogLinodeThe Best is Getting Better: Amping Up Our Commitment to Developers

The Best is Getting Better: Amping Up Our Commitment to Developers

Amping Up Our Commitment to Developers

Delivering the best experience for developers is what drives us. That’s been the case since we started 18 years ago, and it’s still the case now as we combine forces with Akamai.

Since our announcement last month, we’re focused on delivering even more value to developers who love Linode. We want to take this opportunity to share some information about where we’re headed.

Let’s start with things that are *not* changing. First, the technical and account support that many developers have come to love is not changing. Support will remain free, human, and accessible by phone.

Second, our pricing is not changing. Akamai has committed to continuing our mission of making the cloud simple, affordable, and accessible to all. So whether you love Linode because we are affordable or because it’s straightforward to predict what your monthly bill will look like, you’ll see no changes.

Lastly, our partner program continues in full force, giving MSPs and other resellers that target SMBs a powerful, fair alternative to large cloud providers that too often shut them out or penalize them for not having megascale enterprise volume.

But we’re not standing still. The resources and reach of Akamai mean some things will change, things we think you’re going to love. Some of those are still in the planning stages, and we’ll have more information on them in the months ahead. But for now, here’s what’s happening today that will have an immediate and positive impact on our community:

First, we are doubling down on our commitments to the developer-focused podcasts and YouTube developer influencers you listen to and watch. We have heard loud and clear that these channels are valuable to the developer community.

Second, we are reinforcing our commitment to developers and advocates, doubling our current spend on tutorials from some of the industry’s top content producers.

And, as Akamai has made clear, we will be dramatically scaling our cloud computing services into new countries and cities around the world.  Along with more capacity, we look forward to helping developers and businesses build, deploy and secure their modern applications cloud to edge. Stay tuned for more information in the months to come.

We are excited about the future together. Excited not only about what it means for Linode and Akamai, but, more importantly, what it means for our customers.


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