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BlogLinodeUsing IaaS to Accelerate Innovation in the Cloud

Using IaaS to Accelerate Innovation in the Cloud

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Combing through several recent reviews of Linode on IT Central Station, one thing quickly becomes clear: developers like having an alternative to the costly, complex, and competitive choices on the market. They trust our infrastructure to build and host their applications and data, using Linode to build, deploy, and scale their applications more easily and cost-effectively.

While hearing positive feedback is always nice, knowing the work we do to make cloud computing simpler, more affordable, and more accessible for those who want an alternative to the status quo is even nicer.

Some of the comments IT Central Station received include:

Award-Winning Support

Our support team goes above and beyond to provide solutions and resources to solve customer problems. Dalton P, a software systems engineer at a tech services company, loves our proactiveness:

“[Linode] support is probably the best in the industry. When I have interacted with them, it has usually been them reaching out to me to let me know about an issue, rather than me reaching out to them. It’s them saying, ‘Hey, there was an issue, but it’s fixed. We just wanted to let you know.’ That’s pretty great.”

Others who have used Amazon Web Services (AWS) believe that Linode is far superior. Michael K, a founder and developer at a small media company, appreciates how fast we provide the help he needs:

The support has always had a pretty fast turnaround, they have good security, and they are very descriptive in their documentation for the resolution of solutions or problems. Support has exceeded my expectations versus AWS.” 

 Freelancer Hussnain S agrees:

“Linode’s support is quicker and better compared to AWS or other cloud providers. They take my problem as their problem and provide a solution very quickly.”

Flexibility and Response Time

Our Support team works through various channels to help customers quickly with technical accuracy and sincerity at the heart of every interaction. Laurentiu M, a CTO at a tech services company, enjoys the personal contact he receives:

Linode is a big company, yet they give you the impression of a mom-and-pop shop, where you have direct personal service. You’re not interacting with a technical support center somewhere overseas.”

Allister M, a DevOps engineer at a computer software company, feels the same way:

 “In terms of flexibility and overall responsiveness, the support is very good to excellent. Certainly, everyone who I’ve interacted with, on the fairly rare occasions that I do need support, have been very knowledgeable about the product and very good at understanding what issues I’m having and how to solve them.”

Julio G, a managing director at a consultancy, points to Linode’s flexibility and overall responsiveness as a reason he doesn’t use the other major providers:

“Linode is very responsive and quite happy to listen to what you have to say, rather than trying to rush you through the process. You get a very real and very human interface, even with their email systems and through their ticketing systems.” 

And Andy H, a software developer at a tech vendor, sums up his experience:

” There is no other company that I have found which can match the responsiveness and helpfulness of the Linode Support team.”

Predictable Pricing

Over the past two decades, we’ve optimized our services to deliver the performance developers demand at a price they love. From long-time customer Julio G:

 “I’m not paying any more now than I was paying in 2009. As a matter of fact, I think I’m probably paying less than I was then, yet I’ve probably got 20-40 times larger resources available to me. That is just a good business model.”

Another IT Central Station member spoke about Linode’s pricing. Andy H said:

 “Pricing-wise, I find it simple in that they give you a monthly fee, but they also charge it hourly. So, if you are using the service for a small part of the month, then you are only paying for that small amount instead of a whole month. I know exactly what I am going to be paying each month and what resources I get for that price.”

By working with us, you know exactly what you will have to pay at the end of the day.” From Michael K:

“I know how much I’ve got to pay every month. My impression is that I save money compared to what I would pay for other cloud providers. I pay the same amount each month and I don’t have to worry about getting a surge of traffic and having to pay extra for it.”


The reliability of our solutions is also a common theme among IT Central Station members, such as Enver A, a founder at a tech services company:

Linode has been very reliable for us. We have had no downtime in the past year and during the past ten years, I think that we have had less than 20 minutes of downtime in total. Stability-wise, it is awesome.”

Jacques G, a vice president, technologies at a financial services firm, agrees:

“For smaller companies, it is very important that they have a small, but well-focused set of cloud computing services. I am a light user and do not use all of the services, but I’m a serious user. Linode delivers an inexpensive service and it’s completely reliable.”

Learn more about what IT Central Station members think about Linode.

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    We’re glad to hear that developers are finding the IaaS offering to be a cost-effective and reliable alternative. At Linode, we strive to create an environment that is conducive to innovation, and we are proud of the feedback we have received from IT Central Station. Thank you for your support!

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