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BlogLinuxDocs Roundup: Deep Learning Frameworks, New Linux Utility Guides, and More

Docs Roundup: Deep Learning Frameworks, New Linux Utility Guides, and More

New Technical Docs

Whether you’re a new Linux user or you want to find a way to optimize your existing workloads, you’ll find a Linode doc or guide to help. Check out these popular new additions to our docs library.

Create a MEAN Stack Application

Learn about application development with this in-depth tutorial that guides you through setting up a MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js). This guide covers installing the essential tools on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, creating and populating your MongoDB database, and creating your application’s front-end.

Deep Learning Frameworks Overview

Machine learning (ML) is a popular form of AI designed to enable computer systems to learn from previous experience, while deep learning via neural networks (NNs) is a core ML technology that allows computer programs to recognize patterns and solve problems. This guide provides the pros and cons of the key deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and more.

Resolve Merge Conflicts in Git

Git merge conflicts can stop your progress when you’re close to completing a critical fix or adding a new feature. With this guide, you’ll learn how to identify and fix your merge conflict and best practices to avoid future merge conflicts.

Process Text in Linux using Grep, sed, and AWK

Grep, sed, and AWK are all Linux tools that can process text to help accelerate or simplify server and application development and maintenance. Learn the differences between each tool (including levels of complexity) to find the right text processing tool for your workloads.

Top Software Security Best Practices to Implement

Regularly checking your software to ensure that it’s up to date with software security best practices protects your applications and workloads from bad actors. This guide covers 14 best practices to prevent exploits.

Using the Linode API with Twilio

Learn how to programmatically contact co-workers, clients, and other people who need to know about Linode events with Twilio. Send data from the Linode API to the Twilio API to easily customize alert and notification types.

Verifying the Authenticity of a Remote Server via SSH Key Fingerprint

The first time you connect to a remote server over SSH on a new machine, the SSH client warns you that the authenticity of a host can’t be established. This guide covers how to verify the host key fingerprint using a trusted method.

Expanded Collection: Linux Utilities and Tools

We recently doubled our collection of guides focusing on Linux Tools. Find resources to get started with popular tools like using Silver Searcher to search your code via the command line, processing JSOn with JQ, and using McFly to search Bash or ZSH history.

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