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Fedora 22

Fedora 22 was released publicly Tuesday, and is now available for deployment in the Linode Manager! Fedora 22 boasts several improvements over the previous version including:

– Improved built-in Docker and Vagrant support
– Python 3 as  the default implementation
– Django 1.8, now available from the repositories
– Ruby 2.2 and Rails 4.2
– DNF package manager, a replacement for yum (yum is still available). You can read more about DNF here or here.

The full release notes are available here. Fedora 21 will continue to receive updates, while Fedora 20 will reach EOL on June 26th.

To deploy Fedora 22 on a new Linode, simply select it from the drop down menu under “Image.” You can also upgrade your existing Linodes running Fedora 21 to the newest version using the fedora-upgrade tool.

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    When you say “fedora-upgrade tool” you say command fedup or some specific button/option found on the linode’s dashboard?

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