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The 2023 Guide to Open Source Applications for MSPs

Available Now! The 2023 Guide to Open Source Applications for MSPs.

We’ve talked to a lot of you about the tools you use. We all know by now that ​open source tools are good for cost savings, better technology, and flexibility. In an ideal world, everything you use for work could be open source. But for real-world implementation and management of production-critical services, engineers and business decision makers have to be realistic about which tools fit each requirement.

That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to stick with proprietary software because big businesses do. Managed service providers have a unique opportunity to leverage open source tools for their businesses and their customers. The problem is this; where do you start?

As someone who works with cloud partners and spends a lot of time talking to MSPs, I’ve been getting feedback on how teams use open source tools. Those conversations have highlighted the ones working best for MSPs. These are the open source tools that have helped them get FAST:

Image with FAST acronym

Yes, I made up a catchy acronym to grab your attention (for better or for worse). But ultimately, we want to make sure MSPs get advice on open source tools that ultimately provide value, both to your business and to your customers.

At this point, you might be thinking, “James, why would I only take your advice?” And you’re right to ask me this question.

That’s why I’ve spent the last several months talking to real-life MSP owners and engineers and working with technical experts here at Akamai Cloud to package their feedback into an eBook: The 2023 Guide to Open Source Applications for MSPs.

This eBook provides pointers around some of the best open source software and tools for the different areas of your business. We cover everything from monitoring and security tools to open source office software suites that your customers (or you!) will love. You’ll see evaluations for some tools you probably already know, like Nextcloud All-In-One and Grafana, and we’ll introduce you to solutions you haven’t heard of yet. And all of the information is based on users who have actually benefited from these tools.

Many (but not all) apps are already available on our Cloud Marketplace, so it’s easy for you to deploy and start testing these tools with us. We’ll provide the resources you need to get started with the rest.

Claim $500 of Cloud Credit and Get Hands-On

All of the applications you’ll find in this eBook can be run on Akamai cloud computing services. Because there’s no better way to understand if they’re right for your business and customers than to get hands on, all potential partners are eligible for a special offer of $500 cloud credit to use as you choose. Create an account today!

More Resources for MSPs
Whether cloud computing and Linux are part of your business model or you are looking for ways to offer related services, the Linode Partner Program is here for you. Learn more and apply, or subscribe to the Linode Partners YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things cloud computing for MSPs.


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