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Updated Support Ticket back-end

Nov 21, 2004 by Christopher Aker
Recently I’ve received some legitimate complaints that tickets weren’t being updated in a timely manner. I’ve just pushed up some changes to the way tickets are handled on the back end. There are no customer-facing changes yet as I didn’t feel any were necessary, but if you have any suggestions I’m open to hearing them… […]

Jeff Dike now Full-Time on UML development

Jun 30, 2004 by Christopher Aker
[quote]The first bit of news is that as of last Monday, I am working for Intel. They generously offered a full-time position, off-site, with my time mostly spent on UML. This basically means that UML is no longer a part-time, after-hours thing for me, so we should start seeing more work happening on it, especially […]

Linode is 1 Year Old Today! 2004-06-16

Jun 16, 2004 by Christopher Aker
It’s been one year since opened its doors on June 16th, 2003 and sold its first Linode account. I started this business because of my desire to be independent, and when I saw the usefulness of User-Mode Linux and envisioned the Linode Platform Manager to control it all, I realized what an incredible value […]

Request for Testing – SYSEMU Performance Patches

May 28, 2004 by Christopher Aker
I’m looking for just a few Linode 64 users currently on hosts in the Fremont datacenter (host9 and up) to help test a new performance patch to the host and UML. UML works by using ptrace, a function of Linux to intercept system calls made by applications. When your UML makes a system call, the […]
Linode Status Update 04/06/04

Apr 6, 2004 by Christopher Aker
[b]Linux 2.6 on the Hosts[/b][/size] Six out of 20 host servers are now running on 2.6 version of the Linux kernel, with the CFQ fair-queuing disk scheduler. Now that we’ve been running it on a few boxes for a while, I have a pretty good feel for how it performs. I’ve noticed 2.6 is better […]

Linode Cron Times

Mar 13, 2004 by Christopher Aker
Below is the email I sent to members on host3 and host5. Mostly this only applies to early members — member’s that deployed before I had a chance to update the template filesystems. It couldn’t hurt to take a look at your cron times. Removing, or at least moving the updatedb cron time from daily […]

IMPORTANT: Hurricane Electric Caching Nameservers

Feb 18, 2004 by Christopher Aker
This applies to customers on host9 through host16:[/size] Hurricane Electric has informed me that this [b]Friday, February 20th[/b], will be set to no recursion, meaning it will only answer DNS queries for domain zones HE’s dns servers are authorative for. Also, and have already been turned off.’s DHCP servers have been […]

RSS Feeds for Linode Community Forums

Jan 20, 2004 by Christopher Aker -Chris

Linode 2003 Year-end Review

Dec 31, 2003 by Christopher Aker
Dear Member: I started development on Linode late-2002/early-2003, voluntarily leaving employment at a very good .com healthcare related company. I told myself that if it wasn’t a success by the end of the year (2003) that I’d call it quits. And so this was the year of reckoning for me and my life-long pursuit […]

#linode Community IRC Chat Channel (

Dec 29, 2003 by Christopher Aker
Everyone is welcome to come hang out and chat in the #linode IRC channel on the IRC network. Use your favorite IRC client, or use the [url=]web-based IRC tool[/url] for a quick visit. Remember, for official support please use the support ticket system. But, come hang with like minded (Linux minded?) individuals. See you […]

Updated Console Access Program (lish)

Nov 8, 2003 by Christopher Aker
The Linode Shell, or lish, is the small script that runs when you connect to the host ( for console access. Lish now prompts you if you want to retry to connect to the console, instead of just attempting to reattach so many times and then disconnecting. This also solves the problem for people who […]