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BlogPartner NetworkPortability, Skills Shortages, Responsible AI, Security, and Innovation: Top 5 Cloud Trends from CloudExpo London

Portability, Skills Shortages, Responsible AI, Security, and Innovation: Top 5 Cloud Trends from CloudExpo London

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Wondering if physical events still hold value in the post-pandemic era? Tech Show London and its five co-located events that took place last month would suggest they absolutely do.

Boasting over 22,500 attendees, this year’s event smashed previous records, merging Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Centre World into one remarkable, knowledge-filled conference.

As your partner advocate for Akamai’s cloud computing services, I hope to distill the many talk tracks and discussions into five top trends that I believe are the most important.

1) Developing for Portability

Bias aside, our “Developing for Portability” session was a standout, with great feedback from the crowd.

Billy Thompson, our Solutions Engineering Manager, conveyed at its core that companies don’t have to be locked into costly proprietary managed services from providers like AWS.

Utilizing open source tools, businesses can adopt multicloud strategies and create truly portable applications that let you move between providers and “squeeze the juice” to ensure the best fit and value.

Watch Billy’s full talk below (and the bonus debrief and “deep dive” here).

2) Addressing the Technology Skills Shortage

The technology skills shortage took center stage, unsurprising given the mass layoffs of tech talent and its impact on the workforce.

The key message in a talk on the topic was that the economic shift makes it difficult for big tech companies to retain talent, leading to an abundance of skilled workers in the market. As a result, attracting talent is more challenging, and employees are hesitant to switch jobs due to uncertainty. Plus, high salary expectations set by large tech companies create difficulties for startups in offering competitive compensation.

3) Responsible Artificial Intelligence

With headline-stealing ChatGPT, AI is undeniably everywhere and will impact us all to some degree. But great power demands great responsibility.

Tech Show London emphasized the need for ethical AI deployment, stressing transparency, fairness, and accountability. As IT businesses create AI-driven solutions, prioritizing data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance is crucial.

4) Securing Cloud Infrastructure

As more companies adopt cloud computing, securing cloud infrastructures remains a top concern for any IT service provider.

The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo showcased the latest advancements in cloud security, featuring strategies for securing multicloud environments and implementing concepts like zero-trust architecture. Safeguarding your data and applications in the cloud is more critical now than ever. 

5) Achieving Sustainable Human Presence on Mars

The conference was buzzing with innovation and ideas, including discussions around some far out topics like sustainable human presence on Mars.

While seemingly unrelated to IT businesses, this is a powerful testament to technology’s potential to drive transformative change. In this industry space, embracing groundbreaking technologies and nurturing a culture of innovation is essential for your businesses to remain competitive.


Tech Show London 2023 was a truly unforgettable experience, and I highly recommend it as a wise investment of your time.

Overflowing with innovative ideas and thought-provoking conversations, these topics will undoubtedly shape the future of development practices. Keep an eye on these trends, and until next time, happy creating!Next stop? Kubecon EU 2023. Our full events schedule is here.


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