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BlogSecurityProtect Your Network with Cloud Firewall

Protect Your Network with Cloud Firewall


Cloud Firewall is now available in all of our data centers, making it a free and easy way to secure or restrict access to your application by filtering traffic at the Linode network level, essentially acting as an “allow” list.

Linode Cloud Firewall allows you to:

  • Improve security by sitting between your compute instance and the internet to filter out malicious traffic before it reaches your server;
  • Quickly and securely scale with your network by applying rulesets across multiple compute instances; and
  • Configure rules for both inbound and outbound traffic with easy access through the API, CLI, or Cloud Manager.

A Cloud Firewall can be added, modified, or removed from any compute instance type, but there is a maximum of 25 rules added to each Cloud Firewall. Additionally, firewalls can be attached to multiple compute instances. Each instance can only be attached to one active (enabled) firewall at a time.

Adding a Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall
  1. Log in to Cloud Manager and select Firewalls to create a listing
  2. Select “Create a Firewall”
  3. Label your Firewall and connect it to one of your Linode instances
  4. Select “Create Firewall”

You can configure and apply rules for inbound and outbound connections as needed. You can continue the process to define and/or edit rules in the “Getting Started” guide or see all our documentation.


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