Why Sparkable Chose Linode and its Professional Services team

Who is Sparkable.com?

Sparkable, a website-design company and marketing firm founded in 2006, offers clients affordable SEO, search engine web marketing solutions, graphic design, corporate logo design, eCommerce, market research, advertising, and consulting.

Founded with the purpose of creating a system dedicated to delivering measurable return on investment to its project partners, the holistic marketing firm employs a proprietary process management system to stay ahead of the curve and constantly generate the latest information, which it leverages on behalf of its clients.

Applying its SHOT (StakeHolder-Oriented Teamwork) Agile Integrated Process Management, Sparkable creates value and delivers tangible goals for a wide variety of unique organizations in diverse industries.

In Their Own Words...

“The job of managing Sparkable’s website hosting network had changed hands multiple times throughout the marketing agency’s first 10 years in business. When the company began in 2006, we used one hosting service. As the company grew, more hosting providers were added.

“This happened naturally over time as developers tested alternative services. In addition, each new technical lead had their own opinion on which service performed best. At one point the amount of cloud hosts Sparkable used swelled to five. However, IT legacy issues were never resolved.

“Soon after the company changed owners in 2016, a Wordpress hack affected one of the sites on our primary server. As soon as it was fixed, another site was hacked. The entire system had been compromised. Rebuilding the entire system became the top priority.

“However, the limited resources of the agency were already at capacity. So, the sysadmin duty of maintaining server setup and domain registration shifted to the content director, me. Since the developers were already at capacity, I took up the challenge to research an external solution for the company.

“I was immediately drawn to Linode due to its local roots and its reputation for providing excellent customer service to small businesses. I contacted a couple other vendors, both locally and nationally, and Linode easily provided the best customer service with the most responsive team.

“Within a week of contacting Linode, we had signed a contract to organize and transfer more than 150 websites, managed across multiple servers. Linode set up a Google Sheet so we could monitor the migration progress and allow us to provide feedback in realtime to speed up the transition.

“In addition, the customer support team helped us set up email accounts for all our clients. In order to prevent any hacking issues, Linode worked with us and Sucuri to set up a firewall on our new server. Now, the Professional Services team is managing all of the hosting accounts for our small agency.

“The Sparkable team relies on Linode to manage site launches, email setups, downtime issues and general troubleshooting. In addition, Linode keeps us informed about our hosting and actively monitors our server. The Professional Services team has been responsive when we have questions.

“Linode has provided the best, most personalized service out of any hosting company we have used in the past 10 years. Linode is my first hosting recommendation to all of my colleagues and friends.”

Shaun Smith, Managing Partner/Content Director
Published May 11, 2017