Why Thomas More College Chose Linode to Help Instruct Its Interactive Media Design Students

What is Thomas More College’s Interactive Media Design Program?

The Interactive Media Design Program at Thomas More College in Belgium trains university students in design and development of interactive multimedia products, including mobile apps, web-pages, and UX.

In Their Own Words...

"This year I've been able to use Linode with my students in class to deploy web apps and it has been a fantastic experience for us all. Before, setting up test servers was a time- and resource-consuming joke compared to how easy it is with Linode to spin up a Linux-instance for our student teams.

"At the start of my Linux/PHP class in college, I simply spin up a number of minimal CentOS instances and dedicate one to each student team. They then learn to install and secure their Linux box and deploy their web apps in a professional way.

"Linode definitely is a must for any organization, team or even solo developer that is looking for a fast and affordable way to run their own servers.

"As a teacher working with resources that are way too low in school, it's a luxury being able to use Linode in my classes."

Joris Hens, Lector, Web Development
Creativity Gym Drill Instructor
Thomas More College/Interactive Media Design
Campus Kruidtuin

Published March 29, 2016