How Can I Activate my Account?

I've seen another post like this, all seems like I was supposed to receive some email requesting for extra info. But I didn't, a either found a place where the email can be re-sent. Could somebody help me please?

PS: Forget about it, it has already been resolved. Thanks in advance.

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Hey @m0rph3us - I'm glad to see this got resolved for you, and I hope you've been enjoying the service so far!

To answer your question about the email:

  • If an account is activated, you should get an email confirmation soon after activation at the email address provided during the signup.
  • If an account is up for review, you would get an email stating whether or not the account has been activated, cancelled, or if we require additional info. This email would come after the review is complete.
  • If an account is cancelled upon signup, you would get a cancellation email explaining why that's the case.

Of course, if you're ever not sure, you can either send an email at or give us a call at (609) 380-7100 (international) or (855) 454-6633 (North America toll-free).

There's also some more info on account activations on this other Community post:

How to activate the account?

Hope things have been going well, and let us know if anything else comes up!


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