Cloud Manager Beta

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We have a new and improved version of our Cloud Manager ready for testing, and we want to hear your feedback!

The new Cloud Manager can be accessed via – just login with your Linode username and password. We’re still working to make improvements before general release, so feedback is appreciated and can be sent to while we continue to improve the Cloud Manager experience.

Also: if you’d like to get updates about upcoming beta programs, be sure to sign up for the Linode Greenlight program.

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Im liking it but would prefer left panel navigation on larger screens and make it collapsible.

Dashboard puts too much priority on billing and status. Maybe there should be different variants of this, user configurable blocks would make it far better, as its a SPA this should not be too much to implement.

Ive applied to the greenlight program, there are a few things there that may make it far easier for me to migrate another company I work at.

It looks like you're organizing in advance of more products. I'm excited to see them, but I hope there aren't so many that I'll need a machete to cut my way through a cluttered UI as if it were the Amazon.


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