where is free 100$ credit?

I signed up to try it, but $ 100 credit does not appear.

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There are a few reasons why a promo code may not be applied to your account. For example, use of a browser plugin or signing up through GitHub are two reasons why a promo code may not apply properly. I was able to locate your account and have applied the $100 credit to it, which can be seen from the Account tab of Cloud Manager.

@jyoo I also signed up through a link to get the $100 credit to try out Linode, but the credit hasn't appeared and I got a bill this month. Can you look into this and apply the credit to my account? Thanks.

Linode Staff

@byte_doctor - We're happy to take a look. Could you open a Support ticket so that our Support team can help take care of getting the credit applied?

What is the process?
I am not aware of the $100 credit.
Anybody can please help me out.

@Naheed As it was explained above, we recommend opening a Support ticket and we'll be happy to follow up with you.

I also didn't get 100$ credit.
I open a ticket also but till now not get any reply. Please help sir to add 100$ credit in my account.


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