Didnt got $100 free credit?

where is free credit u offered at sign up page?please fix these as soon as possible!

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Hi @nurmd - I believe that I've found your account and have added the promo credit. You'll be able to see this credit amount reflected on your account by navigating to the 'Account' sidebar from the Cloud Manager.

Hi @mcivitarese I didn't get the promo credit can you help me out as well.

@fcaceres98 - Could you open a Support ticket letting us know what promo credit you're looking to use so we can get that taken care of?

Hi, it's same here followed the link indicated above and didn't get the $100 credit in the "Account sidebar".

Please help

@Eliakim Thanks for reaching out. As the Community Question site is meant as a forum for Linux and Linode technical issues, issues that are related to account-specific issues like this are best handled by opening a Support ticket.


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