Just letting you know: zones may have errors reported

I am using the stock Linode DNS Manager tool, and have noticed that occasionally the "check" function returns with errors, even though I know there are none.

I wrote to Support about this a week before and they said (essentially) "hmm, seems okay now…". Since I didn't save any screenshots, I just let it lie. Then it happened on Friday, and this time I took screenshots. The Support folks said "yep, we know and we're working on it".

Mind you, ALL my domains listed in there report errors, even for the domains that haven't had any changes made to them!

Anyhow, just wanted to warn you (the community) that you might see errors reported on zones even when there are none. Hopefully they'll get this fixed soon.



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None of my zones have errors. I'm curious about the content of your zones…


None of my zones have errors. I'm curious about the content of your zones…

Hmm. I wonder if this is another Fremont DC quirk…

Here's what Support says:

The previous ticket was set to automatically close as this is a known issue and our development team have already been made aware of the problem. Unfortunately we are unable to provide an ETA on when the issue will be resolved, however you can rest assured that it is definitely on the roadmap and will be addressed as soon as possible.

I would like to clarify that the incorrect zone validation report will not impact your domain zones in any way, other than the tool reporting the zone containing errors (although they don't) -- it is completely cosmetic. If your zones did contain a legitimate error, then their statuses would change from "ACTIVE" to "HAS ERRORS", and a specific reason for the error would be presented in the validation tool "checkzone" page.

I guess that's acceptable, although any time something is partially broken, it makes me a little nervous, you know? ;-)



Linode Staff

This was caused by an out of date dns library on one of the back-end webservers for linode.com. It has since been fixed and only affected the 'check zone' action when a client (you) was assigned to that back-end. It was only cosmetic and did not affect the functioning of your domains. It was not datacenter specific. Sorry for the problems this may have caused.



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