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Core Values


Our core values are the cornerstone of our culture. They allow employees to be themselves, understand how things get done, and are what we stand for.

 We believe in meaningful work. ​​​​​​​

We believe in meaningful work where our employees are passionate about what they’re doing. We want to give you the kind of work that makes you want to show off your capabilities, not just get the job done. You’re here to make an impact. Linode fosters an environment that truly satisfies your craving to grow and learn through fulfilling, interesting work.

  • Never stop learning.
  • Never stop trying to improve.
  • Question everything.
  • Learn not just how things happen, but why they happen.

We take the time to understand how our actions affect others.

We pride ourselves in developing an empathetic approach to our jobs. Empathy improves teamwork and reinforces relationships, inside and outside of Linode. Understanding others as well as we understand ourselves results in being open with one another and improves our bond.

  • Always assume good intent.
  • Take advantage of teachable moments.
  • Take the time to understand why others think or act a certain way.
  • Understand how your actions impact others.

We work for our customers and each other.

Internally or externally, every single thing we do affects a customer. We’re passionate about solving problems and helping people. By prioritizing selfless work, we find fulfillment in benefiting others. We come to work every day for our customers and our people.

  • Take ownership of your actions.
  • Never lose sight of the end-user.
  • Work towards the best possible outcome every time.
  • Prioritize humility.

We work together towards one common purpose.

Great teams multiply individual talents. We don’t create silos here. We’re out to break down the walls so that everyone at Linode can work together towards a common goal. We hire employees from diverse backgrounds, with differing experience, and want to lean in everyone’s expertise. If something doesn’t sound right, challenge it. We love informed opinions. When used collectively, differing perspectives create the strongest solutions. As a team, we win together and we lose together.

  • Share information.
  • Ask questions- lots of questions.
  • Speak up and stand your ground.
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failure.