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July 2021

New Docker ebook, Kubernetes v1.21.1 support, Terraform resources

Follow along with the techniques demonstrated in a new guide from HackerSploit on Docker security essentials. All you need is a Linux server with Docker installed and running as well as a fundamental knowledge of Docker and Docker CLI commands; functional knowledge of Linux terminal commands; and a fundamental knowledge of systemd and Linux init systems. There’s also an update on our support of the latest version of Kubernetes and some new Terraform resources.
Featured Guides
nftables replaces the successful iptables and its related frameworks built on Netfilter. With nftables comes improvements to performance and usability and significant changes to syntax and usage. Use this guide to get started learning how nftables differs from iptables and follow along with a hands-on example of how to implement your own rules in nftables.
WebAssembly is a safe, low-level, portable code format. It results in compact binaries that can run in web browsers with near-native efficiency. It allows you to compile languages like C/C++ and Rust to run on the web alongside JavaScript. This guide introduces some key concepts behind WebAssembly and gets you started with a Rust example.

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Product Updates
The latest version of Kubernetes is now available on Linode Kubernetes Engine. Kubernetes v1.21.1 introduces a few new features to make Kubernetes easier to use, including CronJobs general availability to automate critical recurring actions and beta availability for the kubelet graceful node shutdown feature. LKE customers can easily upgrade their current Kubernetes cluster version in Linode Cloud Manager to take advantage of these new features.
If you’ve been looking for a TL;DR on when you could actually benefit from using the popular IaC tool Terraform: One of our engineering managers wrote a blog post on how Terraform works and when your workloads can actually benefit from declarative cloud infrastructure management. But if you’re ready to jump right into using Terraform, get started with our ebook or visit our Terraform guides.
Open Source
Everyone wants their pages to load faster. This hack helps provide better SEO performance and shows you how to reduce page load time by making a few changes in CSS.
If two-factor authentication logins on your Linux servers are giving you fits, here’s a solution for you.
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