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May 2022

Choose your Linode plan, select a database engine, and deploy in minutes.

Linode Managed Databases is now in general availability with support for MySQL in all of our global data centers. Managed Databases simplifies database deployment, helping developers reduce risk, increase efficiency, and minimize the complexity that comes with manual management of production database clusters. One of the most requested products by our customers, Managed Databases for MySQL is easy to use and designed to handle the most strenuous production workloads. Learn more here or create your first database cluster.
Featured Content
The Document Object Model (DOM) is organized as a tree of objects, called nodes, that give access to everything from HTML elements to the text displayed on a web page. Understanding how to navigate and access nodes on this tree is essential to working with the DOM. This guide explains the DOM tree, how to navigate it, and how to access its nodes using JavaScript.
Scripting languages, like JavaScript, can access and manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) to alter the display of a web page. In this guide, you learn about the methods and properties you can use to modify the DOM by adding and removing element nodes. You also learn how to use specialized properties to assign and update a DOM element’s CSS styles.
Live Migrations allow Linode instances to move between physical machines without service interruption. In this blog post, find out how it all works and hear the story of how we developed the Live Migrations technology
For the second consecutive year, TrustRadius has named us a Top Rated Award winner. In addition to being a leader in TrustRadius’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service category, we’re also Top Rated in the Website Hosting and Cloud Storage categories. This recognition is the result of reviews from our customers. Learn more about how to share your great experience with Linode, our Support team, or our community tools and documentation here.
If you’ve ditched a credit card and now use PayPal or Google Pay to pay for your Linode services, we’d love to hear from you. We want to collect some customer feedback and maybe extend an invite for you to join a webinar we’re planning next month. Fill out this brief form, and someone on our team will be in touch.
Open Source
There are plenty of use cases for using a VPN, and not all of them are necessarily privacy-based. However, when it comes to purchasing a VPN service for attaining privacy, you might not be signing up for the benefits you think you are.
Gain a better understanding of Kubernetes by looking at the 10 steps that take place when you create a pod or a deployment.
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Hackersploit Security: Red Team Persistence Techniques
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