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November 2021

Who offers the best overall cloud block storage performance and value per dollar?

We’re working on making NVMe Block Storage available across the fleet by year-end. To help you evaluate NVMe on storage Volumes and databases, we partnered with independent benchmarking firm, Cloud Spectator, on our latest benchmark report. Find out how our NVMe Block Storage performs against AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, GCP, and Vultr. Get the free report here. We also expanded free and open source security applications to the Linode Marketplace and introduced support for PayPal as a default payment method.
Featured Guides
A merge conflict occurs when two branches, in the process of being merged, include overlapping changes in a file or when one of the branches merged modifies a file or directory, and another branch deletes it. This guide will help define best practices to avoid merge conflicts and strategies for resolving them when they happen.
jq is a free open source JSON processor that is flexible and straightforward to use. It allows users to display a JSON file using standard formatting or retrieve certain records or attribute-value pairs from it. It features a powerful set of filters and functions that can manipulate, analyze, and transform JSON data. This guide introduces the jq application and explains how to install and use it.
Our new high-performance NVMe Block Storage has expanded to Toronto, Canada, and Frankfurt, Germany. Current users of Block Storage are eligible for a free upgrade at no additional fee. Block Storage Volumes are billed at $0.10 per GB per month. Read more about NVMe and why it’s more performant in a new blog post from our lead storage developer.
We’ve added free and open source security tools and a suite of optimized development frameworks to our Marketplace. New apps include OpenLiteSpeed Node.js, OpenLiteSpeed Django, Wazuh security monitoring, and BitNinja full-stack server protection suite. Learn more about how these tools can benefit your workloads or browse all Marketplace apps.
You can now make PayPal your primary payment method in Linode Cloud Manager. To manage your recurring payment options, including credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal, select billing account settings in Cloud Manager or follow the updated guide on adding a new payment method.
Open Source
Linux provides many command-line tools to help sysadmins manage, configure, and troubleshoot network settings. This article covers five network configuration and troubleshooting tools for Linux.
This article explains how to get started and add artfulness and creativity to your video tutorial projects.
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