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How the Cloud Supports a Pioneer in the Gaming and Betting Industry

NSoft is an internationally-recognized premium sports betting software provider. The company develops state-of-the-art solutions to maximize customers’ sales opportunities and help them reach new levels of growth. NSoft’s mission is to provide solutions, solve problems, and educate their customers in more than 35 countries through beautiful design, secure and flexible software, effortless installation and integration, and constant support.

The global online gambling market is anticipated to reach US$73.45 billion by 2024, according to Hexa Research. Grand View Research expects the industry to experience a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% from 2019 to 2025.

Coinciding with the booming gaming and betting industry, NSoft was looking for a partner to help scale its global infrastructure. The company’s innovative products have a growing customer base in existing and emerging markets, but serving a worldwide audience of retailers, curators, and players is a challenge.

NSoft developed its own Data Protection Plan while closely following the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Because it must follow strict country-specific legal compliance, tax policies, and security protocols, the Bosnia and Herzegovina-based company leans on Linode’s global footprint and several points of presence across Europe. 

Growing network needs

In addition to its focus on security and compliance, NSoft pays close attention to burgeoning networking demands. Pairing with the wrong provider could mean traffic quota costs that cut deeply into the company’s budgets. 

“Rather than billing per server like most providers, Linode aggregates network traffic per account, which is incredibly convenient for us and a great competitive advantage,” said Marin Marinčić, Head of IT Infrastructure at NSoft.

NSoft also cites the high level of customer service it receives as a critical reason for its success. Linode’s Customer Success team works with NSoft to provide ongoing strategic support. The company also receives a direct line to Linode to ask for recommendations on scaling and optimizing workloads across their entire infrastructure.

“We’re not just getting infrastructure from Linode,” said Ana Dzida, VP Marketing at NSoft. “Their success team adds additional value for no extra cost.”

NSoft has thrived in a market where companies experience growing pains amid expansion. Deloitte has regularly recognized NSoft as a Fast 50 company in Central Europe.

“We have grown together,” said Ana. “Linode not only meets our needs, but they are compatible with our business model and are the most cost-effective provider.” 

Savings on infrastructure costs have enabled NSoft to increase its budget for research and development and allowed them to price products lower. It’s also helped foster a “never-satisfied” attitude and emphasis on innovation. Recent developments include new AI software, a turnkey platform for managing core betting business operations, and facial recognition software that adds a layer of identification and encrypted security to the NSoft platform and virtual games.

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